Keranique Hair Thickening Shampoo for Improved Hair Management

According to Keranique shampoo reviews, the revitalizing shampoo is infused with antioxidants and vitamins which help in nourishing your hair. The gentle formula also cleanses the scalp and visually improves the way your hair appears to others. Keranique shampoo makes your hair feel more lustrous, improves its texture and gives it a shiny, soft look.

Hair is one of the most prized assets of a woman that accentuates her good looks and attraction. This crowning glory is the one aspect of a woman that undergoes maximum experimentation with changing trends in hairstyle. Healthy and thick hair in a suitable style can transform even an average-looking woman into a showstopper. No wonder, women always pay special care and attention to maintaining the hair in all its thickness, luster and shine.

As for the traditional shampoo, these synthetic materials could lead to occurrence of dandruff and scalp diseases, which would start first from irritating your hair follicles and oil glands.

Not surprisingly, however, some manufacturers are getting pretty sneaky about revealing their ingredients now that consumers are getting savvy about ingredient safety. For example, there is one product line I know of where the manufacturer wants so badly to keep you from reading the ingredients that they put them on tiny little stick-on labels on the bottom of the bottle, printed in a type size so minuscule, it's extremely difficult for even those with the best eyesight to read.

SLS is meant to strip away dirt and oil, which is why it provides the cleansing and foaming properties in many shampoos and soaps. This is also why your hair may feel “squeaky” clean after using a product containing SLS. Cleanliness of course is not a bad thing, but your body produces its natural oils to care for and moisturize your hair and body. When those oils are stripped away, it leaves us with dull, dry hair and lackluster skin that cannot be replenished with topical moisturizers. It will drastically benefit the condition of your skin and hair to find bath and hair products that do not contain any form of SLS or SLES. People typically think that if a product does not “foam” it will not provide proper cleansing. This leads many shampoo manufacturers to believe that if their product doesn’t release enough lather, customers will not continue purchasing. Another reason SLS is so commonly used? It’s cheap. Rather than adding natural cleansing ingredients, which are far pricier than SLS, companies add this chemical as an inexpensive way to create the illusion of super-cleansing products. Therefore, you may find that SLS-free products cost double or even triple the price of regular items that do contain this chemical.